Hello from Deborah at Pink West Salon

Hello from Deborah

.Such beautiful weather! Sometimes I think we live in paradise here.

I want to tell you personally about a new event were doing in conjunction with the Wella hair color company. No, we don’t use Wella color now, but they chose our salon to test drive a new kind of color – color with no PPDs. PPD, or para-phenylenediamine, is used to keep color from fading but it is also an allergen known to cause severe allergic reactions. I’ve been trying for about six years to find a hair color without PPDs that does not fade.

Some of you may know about my personal search for the least toxic hair products. But color is difficult. I stay with hair color manufactured in the EU because the EU has more stringent toxicity restrictions for cosmetics than the USFDA. We use Keune now because it’s made with a softer, gentler version of that chemical. Wella is a German company and the color is manufactured in Germany, so it’s still in the EU. No worries there.

Wella developed a brand new molecule that actually replaces PPDs. They hold a patent on it. And they want our little salon to use it for a month, then critique it. We begin this trial May 1 and we’re inviting you guys to do it with us too. I jumped the gun and I’m using it on myself already. We’ll have a little questionnaire for you to fill out after your color, and if you bring it back completed, we’ll schedule you for a complimentary Olaplex treatment with your next visit.

And one more thing: I’ve started writing a little column in the DS Outlook. It’s linked to my new blog called Pinkchronicity.com.

(P.S. I try to post only once a month, unless something special pops up.)



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