I seem to be permanently and professionally attached to the color pink. I chose it in 1999 because I thought the color was on the edge of a fashion trend, a single syllable name, easy to spell, and you get an immediate emotional and mental imprint. You remember it. But since the afternoon on South Congress when I scurried to name a new salon, I’ve come to appreciate the words unconscious value. 

So, why pink? In our world, things can be chaotic and aggressive. No judgment here, but we as humans always need to balance what we take into our bodies, physical or energetic, or we may easily become imbalanced. The color pink balances energies. Pink is the color of the feminine principle…and love. Pink is the sweet side of red, softer and less violent. It generates feelings of caring, tenderness and self worth, love, acceptance, playfulness and tenderness. Pink is a quiet color. It soothes and fills the heart.


• ‘Pink’ is a fragrant flower

• ‘Pink’ is the highest degree or perfect example of something

• ‘Pink’ is light, repeated taps on a surface

• ‘Pink’ is the sound of a drop of water

• A ‘pink’ is a small sailing vessel

• To ‘Pink’ is to cut in a zigzag pattern

• To ‘pink’ is to decorate with perforation

• To ‘pink’ is to point lightly with a pointed object: to prick


Feng Shui masters use the color pink to enhance the love and relationship Bagua area of your home. Color therapists use shades of pink to enhance feelings of love and wellbeing. When I embraced the color and attached it to my work, I took on a commitment, a calling if you will, whether I was aware of it or not. It became the most important thing for me, to make everything in my immediate vicinity as beautiful as was in my power to do. By accepting the concept of ‘Pinkchronicity’ I also accept of this idea: Beauty changes the world, one hopeful, optimistic person at a time. So, my advice to all this year is, expect the unexpected.





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